We set out with one main goal for Ghostboy, that was to entertain kids and if possible adults too! The story was made to be both charming and funny, but it was important to capture the imagination of a child so that it stood out to them and made them laugh.

Our mission is to turn Ghostboy into a running series so that we can develop the characters and stories for more children to enjoy. To do that, we need to build as much buzz for Ghostboy as possible and bring it to potential networks/investors.


The backers

Paolo Polesello
Lesley Shale
Ryan Strandjord
Ann Druery
Jeremy Irving
Sally Martin
Mark Bellinger
Leesa Walpole
Richard & Julia Vinicombe
Joe Sacco
Lisa Sleep
Fiona Vincent
Simon Tomkins
David Hurley
Shayne Cuthbert
Matt Sutton
Calum Macleod
Kev Foster
Derek Young

Helen Sykes
Louise McDowell
Rachel McDowell
Tony Cowling
Davina Hutchins
Andrea Kett
Nick Faulkner
Ian Glodich
Chrissy Regler
Ben Lacey
Geoff Palmer
Matt Bennett
James Vinicombe
Emma Williams
Simon L
Mitch Jenkins
Edward Vinicombe
Anna Mannion

Felicity Field
Tony Stone
Morag Wale
Colin Mayo
Scott Lipscomb
Darren Winter
Chris Mansfield
Kieran McDowell
Richard Vobes
Alan Ralph
Steph Ellis
Carrie Holloway
Charlie Bentley
Harriet Booth
Farhun Ziaie
Robin Harper
Rachel Tobin
Mark Brennan
Matt Prior

Kevin Snoad
Damian Jones
Dane Mehmedovic
Amorette Darby
Louise Rogers
Peter Bellman
Jim Cunliffe
Chris Doney
Lloyd Harris
Nicola Hatton
Andrea Seawright
Julie West
Chris Wright
Tieg Zaharia
Andrew Hsieh
Sandy Decker
James Tapper
Ali Neocleous
Kathy Stemp